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Skyler Bieberly, Amanda Bradley, Andrea Marie Breiling, Jorge Calvo, German Caceres, Kenneth Curwood, Brock DeBoer, Jamie Felton, Dan Flanagan, Bea Fremderman, Daniel Gibson, Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., A.G., Harley Lafarrah Eaves, Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack, Sebastian Gladstone, Stephanie Rose Guerrero, Maria Guzman Capron, Danielle Joy Graves, Kalen Hollomon, Casey Kauffmann, William Keihn, Kate Klingbeil, Koak, Jesse Laino, Brandon Landers, Cody Lane, Maria Maea, April Martin, Bruna Massadas, Morgan Mandalay, Kylen McMorran, Dustin Metz, Mabel Moore, Ruthie Natanzon, Stephen Neidich, Juan Pablo Hernandez, Priscilla Petralie, Sydney Rains, Marisa Raygoza, Andrew Roberts, Jose Dejesus Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez, Lydia Rosenberg, Edward Salas, Camille Schefter, Kira Shewfelt, Alake Shilling, Emma Stern, Corri-Lynn Tetz, Lulu White, Ashley Wick, Wade Winslow

“They say you die three times. The first is when your heart stops, and the second is when you’re buried or cremated. The third is the last time someone speaks your name.”
-Laurie Anderson.

A historic train has seven stops in Florida, tip to tip.
Each stop was to be dubbed a planet; Miami would be Mars.

In our mindscape, the planet Mars is an evolving frontier. We both dream of and ridicule the idea that life could exist there.

Could our own lives exist there?
The current Miami [from Mayaimi, meaning big water] seemed to start becoming a city some

200 years ago, and never really stopped.
Miami is our final stop, but we’ll go somewhere after. (this is where our heart stops)

In a month we return to Los Angeles for a finale, a reprise, an homage to our home and the beginning of ourselves. (this is where we are laid into the earth)

One day the earth might be taken by the water, we’ll swim across an ocean of her until we run out of breathe. (this is the last time someone speaks our name)

*american fine arts, an allegory for americas (afa) is a migrating exhibition that, in seven parts, travels from city to city for a year and forms a narrative in response to different current and historical events both locally and nationally. afa will be documented in a book, coming out with Not A Cult in 2019. 

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